Chapter 36

Chapter 36

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Occupation: Adventurer; Race: Various

Chapter 36: Request

Well, let’s summarize what you learned about guild rules and GP.

・A guild is one of the free organizations that not belonging to any country.

・In the guild, we forbid any brawls and death fights.
(However, when involved with a malicious adventurer, it is permitted to counterattack as a legitimate defense.)

・An adventurer who perpetrate a criminal act have to indemnity to guild and dispose a disposal action.
(If you can not pay compensation, you will be forced to become a slave by force duty of the guild.)

・Adventurers will be able to use various shops near the guild.
(Purchase and selling at shops like general merchandise stores, armor stores, alchemists.)

・For adventurers there is a rank from G to S and it is possible to climb the top rank by obtaining GP (guild point) at the quests* of the request board in the guild.
(In order to go up to the next rank you have to take an examination certified by guilds.)

(TL: At this * said request but quest is like games, do you prefer quests or request at next chapters?)

・You can only receive requests of rank lower than or equal to their rank.

・It is possible to submit a request from me no matter which rank it belongs to.
(It is possible to order a request even if it is not an adventurer.)

Well it summarizes like this.
There are other minor rules as well, but let’s say they are omitted as they are almost unlikely to violate them.

Let’s assume that the explanation is over and I will receive a quest immediately.
It is easy to receive a request, just let the paper of the request affixed to the request board next to the reception and hand it to the receptionist.
It’s really easy.

「Well, what I will do today … This and this one」

Rei takes two sheets of paper from the request board and goes to the receptionist at the reception.
Then a woman who is different from the receptionist in the previous time smiles and listens to the matter with Rei.

「This is the adventurer guild! What is your purpose?」
「I came to receive a request」

Say and lay down the paper taken from the request board under the guild card and hand it to the receptionist.
A ten-year-old boy who receives a quest for a moment. She is the receptionist, but she immediately looks around and opens her mouth.

「… Yes, I checked the guild card! Have you the conditions for achieving this request?」
「I understand, because this request is subjugating rabbits and goblins, it is the condition to achieve this request to have 20 rabbits skin and 10 goblin’s demon core.」
「Thank you」
「No need to thank me because it is my job. …… Yes, the order receipt has been completed」

Saying that, the receptionist returns the requested paper.
Rei bows again and takes the paper of the request and leaves the reception.

Oh, there is a little resistance to peeling rabbits skin, because I do not know how do it, i think hire a supporter and teach me it.

「The supporter’s request board is this」

Rei goes directly to the request board where the request of the support system of another adventurer is affixed.

Incidentally, the type of request is divided into four: subjugation system, collection system, support system to another adventurers, miscellaneous in town.
Because the position of the request board is different depending on the type of request, it is easy for everyone to understand.
Furthermore there is a distinction between a request with a due date and a request without it, and a request paper with a deadline on the right side and one has no deadline on the right side.

Rei see the right side of the request board where the request paper of adventurer’s support system is affixed.

「Well … and cheap, there is no one who has dismantling skills — There was.」

After taking the paper of the request board that meets his condition, Rei hands the paper to the receptionist who was mentioned earlier.

「I need support from other adventurers」

Although I was hoping that a person close to myself as much as possible to take the request, it is said that it can be found quite easily.
By the way, supporter information I got from the request board is like this.


【Request:Supporter】【Type: Adventurer’s support】

I have to earn money!!
Because the dismantling is confident although I cannot fight, please employ me!
(The contractor should be as strong as possible)
Remuneration is 10% of the request you asked for!!

Deadline: None


I think that 10% is very cheap ….
A non-combatant is a weak point, but you only have this if you go at low cost.

「I understand! Then we will report that the contractor has appeared so please wait for a while」

As I said so, the receptionist entered behind the reception desk.

What did she do?
No way, there are things like cell phones in this world …!
If you meet a supporter, ask him.

By the way, I think that it is a girl who was written the request paper……
Perhaps my age is different, or I am a newcomer hunting who faces a rookie.
Well, if you come up with newcomers hunting, I will take a quick return.

While I was thinking, the receptionist came out.

「Thank you for waiting, the orderer of the request is waiting around the quarantine station in the west gate」

Whoa, if is the gate in the West, I am a little lucky because I can go to the meadow where the goblins are.

「Does the supporter have any such thing as a mark?」
「Well, it seems that you are wearing a green robe and wear some stripping knives on his/her waist」
「Thank you very much, then I will be back soon」
「Please do your best!」

Rei leaves the guild with support from the receptionist.

There seems to be no possibility of a mistake, I will quickly find it and do the quest.

Thinking so, while was leaving the guild, Rei ran towards the west gate.

In the town of Argana there is a gate on the west side, the west gate and an entrance to the east, the east gate.
The explanation about Rabbits is done in the next story.