Chapter 35

Chapter 35

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Translated by: Jevo1900

Edited by: blackmaximus

Occupation: Adventurer; Race: Various

Chapter 35: Guild Master II


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「First of all, the reason why she brought you to another room is nothing else, it’s about your ability value」

Rei and Gilmouth’s Guild Master, Domes was having conversations while watching each other.
Domes is talking with Rei with a sharp look and a crisp look instead of the smile of the previous time.

「This is obviously too high, it is strange, the ability value equivalent to A ranking compared to the teenage appearance.」
「Well, I guess so.」

The story is if I’m an ordinary person.
I am not ordinary and I think that this is all right.

「So, how old are you?」
「10 years old」

If we add the age in the previous life it will be more than 20 but it is okay.
This place is not Japan in my past life and it will not be added up.

「10 years old … Is it!?」

Surprise can be perceived in Domes face’s color.
If you know that a child just ten years old has the capability equivalent to A rank you will be surprised as you think it is not normal.

「Well, I am also a bit special」
「This is a secret」

You don’t have anyone who speaks to yourself secretly at home. (TL: I don’t sure at this part)
What is this guy thinking?

「That’s right. Well, if you don’t want to tell me」
「Can I say one?」
「I am wasting my time even though I only came for become an adventurer, but what will you do?」

I think that it has been wasted an hour and a half even though I came to become an adventurer.
Because I was overwhelmingly short of money, I was thinking that I would make money with a request but this is a big time loss.

「Well, you got angry. I will do about it properly.」
「… Specifically, how much is it? 」

Ray who immediately talk after hearing the word of reward.

It cannot be helped…… I want money!

「It’s about a piece of gold coin.」
「Okay, let’s keep talking」

The gold coins are huge, I have to get it!

「You are obsessed with gold … Oh well, I will tell you a good thing if you want such money」
「What good thing?」
「That means that you will become my exclusive adventurer」
「Exclusive adventurer?」
「Yes, simply put it here and stay with my assistant」
「I refuse」

I don’t feel like staying in this town.
I’m traveling around this world leisurely!

「Why Is it!? If you become my exclusive adventurer you will have plenty of status and money, you know!?」

Domes didn’t think that he would be refused or let his surprise color appear on his face.

「Money can earn money if you do your best, and I don’t need a position for me now」
「Are you seriously saying that?」
「I am serious.」
「Well …」

Domes suffered for a while from Rei’s unexpected answer.
Seeing that, Rei rushed up and tried to leave the room.

「Is that only for that, if that alone, I want to become an adventure soon, so I will go to the reception once more」
「Wait a minute!」

Domes stands up vigorously so as to be led by it.
Rei stops his leg and turns towards Domes.

「What is it?」
「If you are an adventurer, you are done already. You know, it’s an identification guild card.」

Domes throws a card to Rei.
Lei tilts his head looking at the card.

「During the time?」
「I made it while you were waiting」

Rei see the details of the card again while listening.

《Reirus Raminating》
GP 0/100

「… Why is it from D rank? 」
「Are you dissatisfied? I told other guilds at the meeting that it would be better to start from A rank, but they told me that such a thing would make the guild’s credit go down and it ran it down D rank.」
「No, I do not have any dissatisfaction, but…」
「If so, go ahead quickly. But as long as the rank rises this way I will meet with you again anyway.」
「Is that right, then again」

With that, Rei opened the door and left the room.
But leaving the room and returning to the front of the reception of the guild, Rei noticed it.

「By the way, I forgot to ask about GP…」

After that, Rei was feeling a bit embarrassed and decided to hear from the Guild receptionist about the GP rules.