Chapter 34

Chapter 34

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Occupation: Adventurer; Race: Various

Chapter 34:  Guild Master


Rei, who was in the room that he was guided to , stared the decorations in the room.

There is something that seems to be expensive about this room, there are jewels in the legs of the sofa.
It’s not just the sofa, it’s not just an ordinary room to think that jewels are scattered in other places, right here.

So was thinking Rei when was looking at the decorations in the room.

By the way, I do not use analytical eyes, I do not want to trust in skills for anything and I want to learn a thing with a little observation power.
Instead, I am overworked because I have a huge amount spare-time.

It will be unreasonable to not be bored as an hour passed after that sister left the room.

「Oh … I am bored~!」

Ray lying on the sofa after finishing with the decorations.

「Well … what shall I do?」

I did not expect I to be kept waiting for an hour just because I came to register as an adventurer…
Should I wait a little more, or will I go looking for the receptionist just before?

Well, wait a while, if no one comes, let’s go find it.

…… I wish they would hurry up, as I didn’t want to be kept waiting.

When I was thinking that, an old gray haired old man opened the door of the room.

「I cannot let you keep waiting, Boy.」

As he entered the room, the old man talked to Rei with a dignified voice although a little hoarse.
The old man seems tall and has a somewhat gray hair and more muscular quality.
There is a black eyeball hanging on the left eye of his face, and it is also impressive that three scars are near the left eye passing through the eye zone.

It looks like a scary grandfather…… he doesn’t seem as an ordinary person, so let’s have a look at his ability value for a moment.

Thinking so, Rei tried to use his analytical eyes while staring at the old man.
But at that time, the old gray-haired man smiles and puts his hand on the head of Rei.

「You cannot look at my ability value without my permission」

How did you notice it?
Even though I have been using analytical eyes in various people up to now, I did not get it.

「I don’t care if you understood」
「Well, it has not been noticed by anyone until now」
「I do not care so much, I’m just a bit special」

Special … I also belong to that class.
But I would like to know what is special.

「Ah … Can I look at your ability value? 」
「Well, I kept you waiting so I apologize instead」
「Well then, with your words」

Rei looks the ability value of the old man with his analytics eyes.

【Domes Varga】

LV 201

HP 1834/1834
MP 1543/1543


・Axe technique: LV52
・Black Flame Magic: LV49
・Consecutive black flame: LV32
・Black Annihilation: LV16
・Black flame dance: LV9
・Intimidation: LV32
・Body reinforcement: LV45
・HPEnhanced: LV21
・MPEnhanced: LV19

【Special skills】
・Demon eyes (Detect analysis skills)
・Black flame ascent (Power correction of black flame magic system)

・S rank adventurer
・Guild branch master
・User of black flames


Rei was stunned because of too high a capability value.
Were you expecting it? Domes, the gray hair old man laugh.

「Ha ha ha!s! Are you surprised?」
「Sorry, hey, this looks like I’m pretty strong」

Strong and none of these………

「You are…」
「I think you know, but I am the guild Master of this place, Gilmouth」(TL: I think that it’s the name of the place, but I don’t sure)

Guild Master isn’t it……
I didn’t expect for this part of the template!!

「…… Even so, why does the guild master take care of me?」
「Oh, I’ll talk about a couple of things from now, including that.」

That’s why Domes put face to face with Rei and sit on the sofa.

Huh…You feel as a river crossing in Gilmouth or something………

So Rei resumed conversation with Domes while regretting a little.