Chapter 33

Chapter 33

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Occupation: Adventurer; Race: Various

Chapter 33: Guild Registration


「Well I’ve arrived at the guild, now to register as an adventurer right away」

Rei muttered so while in front of the Guild’s door.
First of all, is to register as an adventurer and to earn money.
There is a lot of thing I can’t do without money and I have many things to do.
So I’m going to be an adventurer~!

「Hello, What have you come here for??」

When he got to the desk reception, a beautiful woman spoke to Rei with a smile.
Seem like it difficult, but it can’t be helped because I’m a child.
I have to endure it……

「Yes, I came to register as an adventurer!」
「Hahaha for real’s, a child registering is a good joke~」

Rei got irritated on the receptionist’s reply that was laughing back, but he kept talking while still smiling.

「I’m not joking! I really came to register as an adventurer!!」
「Okay, I understand. Well then put your hands on this」

While the receptionist said that she took out a lithograph a little larger than an A4 sized paper in front of Rei’s eyes.

「This is?」

As Rei strangely stares at the stone, the receptionist answers back with a smile.

「This is used as an adventurer’s【Status Board】」
「【Status Board】?」
「Just by placing your hand on it, the ability value of that person will be imprint on the paper. Those who want to register for adventurers who lack the required ability value, will not be allowed to be an adventurer」

You even had such a thing?
Then those weak fellows will definitely will not become~.
……You think I’m that stupid, right?
She treats me like a kid all the time, and it seems to me that she not taking it seriously, even if she’ll measure my ability.
Well, it can’t be helped if I’m being seen as a child.
I am confident that I’ll pass the ability value measurement, but I have to ask the minimum requirement first.

「By the way, what is the minimum requirement to become an adventurer?」
「Well…… If you have a minimum of 20 strength, 15 agility and 15 dexterity, you won’t fail」

It’s super-easy.
I am too strong to be amazed at that level.

「Also, there’s a rank system implemented in the guild. There are eight ranks ranging from G to S. But on A rank, it is required to be least a minimum of all three ability to exceed the values of 100」
「Hehehe… is that so?」
「Yes, the general adventurer is D rank, the elite adventurer is B rank, and the bottom is G rank. Well everybody will first start from there, even if you don’t mind– ah, well mostly it is impossible for a child like you.」

This receptionist is really irritating me.
Can I hit you? I won’t hit you with all my strength.
I can’t, no matter what happens here, I should endure it.

「Ok, then, should I need put my hands on that stone?」
「Yes, there are some wishful dreamers like you… But if you failed, do please forgive me」

Don’t talk Like I won’t be passing this!
My capability value is equivalent to an A rank!
I just confirmed my ability value with the measure just now!
Let’s see… You’ll be absolutely startled.
While Rei was thinking that, he puts his hand on the stone board.
一While he was thinking, a flash of light was emitted, a thin paper was under the Rei’s right hand .

「This is」

Rei take the paper on his right hand and hands it over to the receptionist.

「Here you go」
「Yes, yes, surely I’ll see the confirmation―――」

The receptionist had said that to me, but after looking at the ability value of Rei she opened her eyes.
Of course you will, if a child who just reached 10 year old has the power equal to an A rank.
Looking at the receptionist, Rei talks to himself while blinking.

「What happened? Even if you think that it’s bad――」
「Oh! No, it’s okay. Can you come with Big Sis for a moment?」

The receptionist who got a hold of herself speaks to Rei, comes out of the reception desk, pulled Rei went somewhere.
He knows the reason but pretend to be oblivious.

「Well, what’s going to happen now!? 」
「No, it’s nothing, you should be meeting him by now」

Rei who was brought to another room was sitting on a sofa and the receptionist was going to leave the room.

「You should stay here ok」
「From here on! Do not move!」

Leaving with haste, the receptionist went out of the room leaving Rei alone.


When confirming that the receptionist is gone, Rei murmurs a word while changing his expression.

「As I expected it though… No, isn’t this the story that I expected…?」