HKY – V1 Chapter 2 Part 1

HKY – V1 Chapter 2 Part 1

Chapter 2: A few peaceful days of a village of the past – Part 1


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Since my birth five years have passed. As soon as I learned to walk I began to inspect the area, my village was simply beautiful. Some time ago I allowed some people to say that this is a town in decline, but for me, who lived in a disaster time, this place is very important.

It’s a small town on the edge of the forest. There is a meadow on a nearby hill where sheep grazing takes place, there a dog chases them while the shepherd follows the dog. In the distance you can see the cultivation of golden rice while a soft breeze passes through the village, under the yoke of that endless war this beautiful landscape was almost expelled from my memory.

Humanity in its long life through trial and error could rebuild the nature to satisfy its needs, while demons only lived to pollute the forests. But right now I just relax and see the landscape that opens up in front of me, a really beautiful view.

Under the flood of feelings I crossed the village. I looked at the people I could no more see, I was really grateful to God for giving me a second chance. Before the war I didn’t even think about God, but when I met priests who had the magic of purification and recovery, I became a believer.

They said that if you believe in God, you could use purification and recovery magic. In that life, no matter how hard I tried, I could never use it, perhaps because I didn’t have an inch of faith before, but it was the case where the believers who most revered God on earth couldn’t use magic, only the highest ranking priests could do it, of course, because having faith wouldn’t be the unique condition.

By the end of the war the army needed too much purification and recovery magic, so increasing the number of people able to use it was very important. Humanity was on the border of destruction and the church could no longer keep its secrets, information related to magic had been released and people had started to explore it but even the church itself could not understand all the requirements for the mastery of magic.

Only one opportunity was given to make this knowledge viable but this decision could save humanity, the number of assistants increased significantly but of these assistants most had not been in the army all their lives. But because the need to train a great number of people, teaching methods had to be enhanced and improved.

As a result of this, a new rule has become evident, there is a greater probability of awakening skills for those who have not reached the age of 15, of the profoundly religious 90% of those who received skills were children. In addition, another important requirement was to receive the power of prayer in early childhood.

While the child was growing up he could use the magic of purification and recovery, there were also some who didn’t believe in God so the condition is not absolute. In this world, for the future, I had to master this magic, from my birth I prayed to God and in the end, after so long, it was worth it.

When I acquired it I started looking for withering plants and hurt animals, in conclusion qualified beings to use my recovery magic.


On one occasion I got hurt, after an hour of magic the hurt was gone. Reducing the time did not work, but I have seen priests heal serious hurts in the blink of an eye. Well, after all, I was an ordinary soldier. I always kept secret I could use magic, my parents would find it strange if I could use it without anyone having taught me.


“Oh, isn’t he the little of Allen?”


“Yeah, well, there’s not much to do anyway.”


Every time I went for a walk in the village they called me, although people were busy at work in the fields or some other activity I left immediately. When I was a bit older I also helped in the village, but it’s not easy to find jobs where you don’t need great physical strength and skills. There are other children in the village… 3 to 10 years old, they’re not very busy either… But they’re not particularly nice after all I’m not with them, that makes them a little disturbed, those children aren’t like me but they won’t stop being right either.

With adults I have no problems, but the fact that the spirit of an adult is in the body of a child felt somewhat bad, although obviously they will see me as a child, so you could say that I am a local exile. Even among the children there is someone who stands out, for good or bad, there is also a leader, in this life I am not considered a nice person but in my previous life I was called to play always invited me to stick our noses in some dangerous places.

When we became adults many things happened, but I understand why we were the local hooligans. When we were children he was the bravest, but with the passing of time his nature became more and more moderate although his essence never changed. When we did not make adults many people still trusted him, he was very aware of those around him and always looked for the best way to solve their problems. He learned those experiences from childhood.

For me, who returned to the past, I would like to be his friend again but, unfortunately, I have only avoided it, I am always interested in his ability to observe, that kept us close. But there’s nothing I can do about it, finding friends is important, but before the war breaks out, I have to be prepared.

I’ve lived to see the last battle and died at the last moment, and if I make a little effort then maybe I can make a change, I might even be able to save a few lives.

I met a lot of people and they all died, and I’d like to see them again. Friends we committed ourselves to die together, my beloved whom I promised to defend until the end, so many broken promises, so many regrets that are hard to forget. This time I’m going to save them.

Now my options are limited, I can’t go into the woods, I can’t hunt monsters and make money. But until that time comes, I’m going to perfect myself in the art of magic and sword, study my father’s guidelines and accumulate knowledge.

My father defends a fort in the Demon Forest and is rarely at home, when he returns he takes me to the forest near the village. My father is not inferior in strength to these monsters, but walking around with five monsters is an unusual event.


Of course the forest monsters are weak, so bringing me won’t be a problem. Suppose we don’t get to hunt any monster, it won’t be a waste of time because this exit will show my strength. I told him I wanted to be a soldier, this is an opportunity to show me that I can do it, and I’d say it’s a way to join parents and children.


“If I show him at least once, I can go to the woods.”


That’s what my father promised. Well, he was well drunk at the time so he probably doesn’t remember, of course, a child wouldn’t be able to beat my father. Maybe growing up and gaining strength can do him some harm, I grew up with a specific purpose, at the same time I felt his love, a really warm feeling.

But I wasn’t a normal kid, I was a soldier trained in the art of combat and my skill was tempered by hard battles. I know our capabilities, and if he underestimates me, there’s a chance I can beat him. I am sure that his eyes will be overwhelmed by wonder after all I am training in the art of magic and sword in order to be able to fight him, I am sure that the day I come to cross swords with him will be extremely happy.

Talking about magic: in this world, the most basic magic would be the creation of fire and water, these magic are the most used by all military but combat magic is totally different. For its activation it is necessary to use an enormous amount of magical power. However, those who are able to use that magic are very few.

The country has always been looking for people who are able to use combat magic, even in small border towns, if a person is able to use this magic they immediately submit a letter of acceptance to the Magic University.

Magicians, who can use combat magic, are taught necessary skills that the state can exploit, although their learning is not required. Magicians are the backbone of a country’s fighting power, they are directly related to the government. Therefore it is impossible to refuse admission to the University. They will somehow finish their training as soldiers or knights but associated with magic.

In addition, training is free of charges, for ordinary people the opportunity to explore their potential when they entered university was an honor. In my previous life I didn’t have the talent to get into the University. I didn’t become a magician and in the end I was recruited as a private. I started out as a simple soldier and died like an ordinary soldier. How will I go in this new life?

By the way, this moment, before the war with the demons, the study of combat and magical skills were divided. Each branch carefully studied their art, because of this there was a delay in their studies the separation of the branches negatively affected magical users, both older and smaller users.

After the time of peace, it was discovered that growing young people can gradually increase their mana supply. The development of magic depends on your luck at birth but, if you train since childhood, there is the possibility that this child becomes a combat magician.


Each year that passes for an adult, its magical power slows down until it stops in a moment. At the moment my magic can restore a plant but, compared to my previous life, my level is much higher, now I can even afford to use combat magic, I can use a fireball, but using it on the field would be too dangerous so I need to go into the forest.

Today, I came to restore the plants found in the forest. I practiced magic until it was late and the sunset sun was painted completely red.


“It’s time to go home…” I muttered, I couldn’t make friends today either.


I’m really unlucky, it’s necessary to have acquaintances and be able to talk instead of running away. And why do I have to? Simple, because I’m also a child.

As I was coming home, several thoughts pierced my mind.


“Welcome back, John, I’m making dinner.”


Once inside my mother welcomes me, my house has a warm atmosphere that makes me happy, the freshly made food fills it with a pleasant smell, I get home hungry after all I walk all day long.


“Mom, I’m back, and I couldn’t make friends today either…”


“Oh… Don’t get discouraged, I know you’re trying, I’m sure tomorrow you’ll make some friends because you’re a good boy, John.”


My mother’s trying to cheer me up.

Yeah, but this conversation is taking place every day.

My mother is worried about my problems in the village, after all that is my mother’s personality, and it keeps her very anxious. Incidentally, my father is not at home right now and my mother… She is a little discouraged because both my father and I are not at home, but before she leaves for the village I always have things to do. My father’s absence is not a problem and if we need something we can’t do, we just ask the local residents and they will help us, it’s good that the people behave like a big family.

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