Vol 1. – Act I -1- •「Overgrowth Level」

Vol 1. – Act I -1- •「Overgrowth Level」

Here the first chapter of overgrowth level, I had planned upload it on monday but, it was impossible. and I only can upload it today. I hope you enjoy with this and here the original website of the novel.


“Cold. My bones now feel as fragile as if a pat on the back could break them. Hah, I was a real jerk again. For one last time.”

Yun’s words were appearing in his mind as his blood-covered lips gave an impression as if his body rejected his own fluids. He looked up at those three figures who, in panic, were shouting at each other. On one side, you could distinguish a woman in fetal position holding her head and screaming in tears over and over again a series of meaningless words.

― We killed him! This is gonna be a real mess! We have to call the police, an ambulance, anything!

―Shut up! Can you imagine what kind of trouble we can get into for this?!

― Haaa…. what if we leave it as… as if it were an accident?

― Who would believe that someone strung to the trunk of a tree was beaten up and it was an accident?!

While following the incessant cries of despair, Yun tried to pronounce words only to be followed by a gush of blood. That was the last breath of the young man who then left the living world.


Yun Hanakawa, 17 years old. A young man of mixed nationality between Asian and European race, his extremely strange physique caused confusion among all his schoolmates. Blonde and short hair, slim figure and not too much physical strength, sky-blue eyes that pale in contact with light. Despite his average height, he seemed to be taller because of the slim figure he had. Even with all these characteristic attributes, a cross-shape symbol passed through his cheek to the chin, as a result of a traffic accident with his parents when he was younger.

Even though the jokes began as little as hiding pencils or books from him, he ended up with more dangerous things like being beaten outside school to vent the rage of three little rascals.

Although he tried his best to stop this, no one knows how difficult the situations of school abuse are, any option that would seem reasonable to an adult for him seems like an early suicide. Fear crept into his bones and, the young man who initially had a gentle and calm character, ended up being transformed into a manageable and frightening being.

― Haaaa… Damn it, again I got a warning from the director.

― Fufufu… Let me guess, did they see you smoking?

― Shut up you damned perverted punk, at least I wasn’t seen doing worse things in the women’s bathroom.

― What did you say, attempted pedophile?!

― Both of you calm down, you give me a headache.

And as if some higher existence mocked the fate of the young Yun, he passed by the thugs at the peak-time without realizing that they would be standing in the corridor. Although Yun usually hated everything about school and what was there, only one motive made him wake up in the morning and force a smile on his sister and parents: Ilexa Basatti, a 17-year-old girl of Italian descent who emigrated to Japan for her father’s business.

While the other students ignored Yun, Ilexa seemed to have a little more compassionate and on several occasions chatted with him.

The thugs had been seeing these situations and, on that very day, they decided to plot the biggest joke that this school had ever known, so the next day they set out to look for Ilexa alone.

Just maybe, if that day Ilexa had refused, everything would have been different.

No, it would definitely have been different.

For some strange reason, on that day the thugs did not appear to bother Yun, neither did he see Ilexa, which if in part pleased him, also created an unpleasant sensation in his mind, as if everything was different that day.

– Yun-kun… are you here?

Ilexa waited for him outside to talk with him. The conversation was quite short, he asked him to meet in a nearby forest to talk about something important, Yun’s heart rolled over as he nodded.

― “Half-hour, half-hour… What do you want to talk to me about? Anyway, this will be the first time we’ve spoken outside of school…”

More than thirty minutes had passed while Yun was backed on the trunk of the tree, looking in all directions to see if she was coming. Just five minutes more and Ilexa showed up.

After apologizing for the delay, both walked through the forest as the silence put pressure on the young man.

― What did you want to talk about?

― About that… I wanted to ask you a favor.

― What… favor?

― Please close your eyes first.

Yun, whose heart was about to explode, closed his eyes with strength, desiring in every possible way that the moment would come.

As if a god mocked him again, two arms held him from behind with great force, when Yun opened his eyes he could see the face of two of the thugs laughing like mad. Ilexa looked down at the floor with a mixed face between shame and sadness.

― Hoooooo? Don’t you wonder why? – said one of the thugs, wiping his tears from laughing so much…

Ilexa spoke for the first time after that moment of laughter.

―If I didn’t… They would do the same to me…

After hearing that, his face was disfigured in ways no one thought possible. For the first time in a long time, something else exploded inside him. An unpleasant, dark and cloudy feeling. Little by little the anger was consuming his being until, while the three comrades laughed, he was violently agitated, getting rid of the subjection of the ruffian who had him in prison with his arms behind his back.

After releasing himself, without knowing how, he threw a punch directly in the face of one of the thugs, breaking his nose. After this, the accomplice held him back and tied him to the base of the tree with a string of thread.

― Fucking scum! This time you won’t leave with just a few bruises. Look what you did to my face!

Right behind right fist, the fists landed on Yun’s face which could not protect himself from the amount of blows coming from all directions. Although at first the thugs were accompanying it with some kicking, they soon saw reality and tried to stop the thug.