HKY – V1 Chapter 5

HKY – V1 Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The Oath and the Dragon Stone

At this time it is believed that monsters do not possess consciousness, it is thought that being gifted with powerful magic such as high level demons and warlocks are inferior demons that accompany them as family. But as the war progressed, new doubts appeared in the soldiers.

The monsters, which were something of a part of the demon world, did not attack people, nor did they perform reconnaissance or sabotage of missions. Soon the debates began, if they really were the arms and legs of the demons, and various theories appeared.

The individual results did not work but with the passing of time the great heroes revealed the great secret, one of them, the owner of great knowledge, the sage of eternity, the great magician Wiseman Naklur, gave the correct answer.

Monsters are other beings, not demons. According to her, demons are beings hostile to humanity, they use dark spells to seek our destruction, on the other hand, monsters have different viewpoints, at first this theory was considered a stupid rumor without foundation.

But when the hero and the holy guardian protected the capital from the attack of the demons the stupid rumor was confirmed, in front of the king the hero and the holy guardian, who was a monster, fought together.

The holy guardian was a huge wolf that possessed enormous claws, silver hair and incredible magical powers, as if he were a legend. When times were difficult, he would come to save us, it was even said that he could bite the hand of God.

There were even those who considered the Beast as just another god, that wolf was known as Fenrir, learned to fight from the hero and was now considered a holy guardian, the hero and Fenrir always worked together that fact was as clear as day.

The surprise increased when it was learned that Fenrir could take human form and in human form Fenrir told the king the story that people and monsters share, in my previous life I also heard that message.

Monsters attack people, but monsters are, for some reason, necessary. They attack us but do not plan to destroy humanity, play an important role in the environment and are part of nature.

They are not like demons, who spread destruction and misery, there was also a great difference between the two, monsters can be conscious as well as lacking it, they are another way of life, they grow up alone. The same can be said of Fenrir, that message was given to the king of humans.

Now I am in front of a Crystal Wolf, a monster that possesses intelligence, just like Fenrir these beings possess intelligence as the human beings my words were understood by this creature.

His gaze was directed to my little figure, his eyes penetrated me, but they showed no signs of wanting to attack, through those scarlet eyes I could understand what I was thinking.

Humans learned too late the truth about monsters, many times they sent squadrons to confront the demons and when they found monsters, without hesitation, we eliminated them.

When the truth was before our eyes the number of deaths was simply too great, we weakened ourselves by facing beings who were not our enemies.

Besides this world has a very fine structure, the divine talent created a stage where we needed each other. Without thinking we continue to kill monsters, breaking the balance that supports the world.

With each monster that died the animals were smaller and the trees grew atypically, each change in the environment created more doubts while many people believed that all problems were caused by demons.

In this life I won’t let it happen, I have to tell the truth and for this to happen I have to talk to Crystal Wolf.

-Listen to me…!

To prove that I did not possess malice, I dropped my weapon and raised my hands, I know I am forcing my luck at a moment driven by my impulse, but now is not the time to think about it, would my determination get your attention? Or would Crystal Wolf kill me instantly? His bright scarlet eyes softened, perhaps he will accomplish something, I decided to continue talking.

– Crystal Wolf… I know you don’t need to attack us… You’re protecting your children, aren’t you?

Upon hearing my words the expression on the face of the wolf change, is barely perceptible, my words have managed to reach this huge beast. My father, in the distance, was watching us, if it didn’t work we would have to escape but is it possible to escape from the Berserk attack zone?

We should have escaped without wasting a single second and now trying to escape makes no sense, a great warrior, like my father, knew that. Realizing his guilt, he looked at Crystal Wolf helplessly, and I had to convince the monster.

– Crystal Wolf… No, wise Crystal Wolf. Even among monsters it is known that their species jealously cares for their children, when one of your caste conceives they will defend their territory without anyone coming into contact with their offspring. Berserk is your last chance when your own strength does not produce results, wise Crystal Wolf you do not wish to use such a card but you will use it despite the risk to your life and to the area where you hide your children…. Crystal Wolf we do not wish to harm you or your children, we will not come near you, we will not bother you so I ask you, stop that terrifying force.

Having said all this, I bowed my head, waiting for Crystal Wolf’s answer.

“…Little human puppy, I don’t know how you found out about it, but in my long life it’s the first time I’ve met a brave and intelligent human child.”

An unusual voice could be heard, her voice had the volume of a tall woman but surprisingly, at the same time, it mixed with that of a short man yet showed no bad intent. I was surprised but as all trace of hostility had disappeared the beast was speaking in a lovely soft voice.

I have heard that monsters can talk but, in this life as well as the previous one, I never had the opportunity to see a monster speak with his own mouth, knowing that we can talk I began to think that our negotiations would progress without problems.

– Will you listen to me?

“Yes, I will listen to you. I don’t want to destroy the forest… Are you telling the truth?”

– Of course.

I chose my answers carefully, if I was lying I would only expect death, that I could sense from the look of the beast, every word of mine was being processed.

“But this is the first time I’ve seen you, I don’t know what you are, or what you represent, or where you live…. I can’t trust you. “

The Crystal Wolf waited for my answer, I had to introduce myself.

– I’m…. I’m John Serias from the Taros village. Allen Serias, the warrior you fought is my father.

After a moment, as if deciding something, Crystal Wolf responded.

“Are you the son of that strong man?… I understand where you get that courage, by the way, the Taros people… Is it the small town at the edge of the forest?”

– Yeah.

“Where do you live, your family and all the people you care about?”

– Yes….

The flow of my conversation could not bring anything good, my face was painted blood colored, the Crystal Wolf just smiled, you can guess what I’m thinking.

“Ji, ji, ji…. Puppy man, John, you trusted a monster, you’re a little man but I can trust you but that’s just words.”

If you told a monster the name of your locality and its location it would be foolish to complain if it were attacked, but I did it because I wanted to be honest with this creature. I could have thought better of it, but this choice wasn’t a bad one either.

“… You have honest eyes, you’re capable of looking into the soul of a monster… puppy man, John. Will you be my friend?”

– Friend?

“Yes, friend…. Friends do not hurt each other, by my oath, my power will be your power when you find yourself in a difficult situation… You know what I mean?”

– If I get to be in front of a different Crystal Wolf he won’t use berserk, and in hard times you’ll come to my rescue. In return I will help you, when you come to need my help.

“But the oath is not the same as when simple promises are given, when there is betrayal there will be appropriate punishment.”

– Huh?

“That’s an oath… But if you keep your words you don’t have to worry, what will your answer be, John, son of a brave warrior?”

Crystal Wolf listened to me and gave her answer, I couldn’t refuse, and I’m obviously interested.

Do I have the courage and determination? While it wouldn’t be bad to get those obligations, why would you do that if you were undecided in the end?

So I said out loud:

– Crystal Wolf, I’m your friend. My strength is your strength, in difficult times I will be willing to risk my life for you.

“Well said, puppy man, John, I swear I’m your friend too. My strength is your strength, in difficult times I would risk my life for yours. This is the proof of my oath!”

After those words Berserk was dissipated and the forest shook with the howl of the huge beast, one of its horns broke and fell, the horn broke from the base, supposedly only happens when one Crystal Wolf submits her will to another.

“John. This is the proof of my oath… What will your gift be?”

The wolf’s eyes were on me, and I also had to give something to prove my oath. I was not prepared for this, when I became a soldier I only had to take the oath of the sword, that is the only oath I know, I got lost and started to think.

One hand gently tapped my shoulder, I looked in that direction, there was my father even Ted is near me, although it seems he can’t gesture any words for fear of Crystal Wolf.

– …as proof, you can use this.

Thinking of me, my father took a beautiful red stone from somewhere, when the stone was in my hand I looked at it in amazement.

– It is….

– A dragon stone, it’s half a dragon stone… From where?

Dragon stone, it is said that after the death of a dragon its magic is condensed and a high quality magic stone is created. Used to create jewelry and armor, these stones were a symbol of wealth. The cost is very high, even a dragon stone created from a half-blood dragon was rarely found on the market.

(Note Spanish Prooofreader: A thousand times better than in the manga, gives you a maincraft sword…)

– Are you sure, Dad?

– Even if you ask…. Doesn’t this make any sense if you don’t offer something?

– But….

– It’s okay to take it, well, what do you think? I still have my reservations even though I would have liked to have given it to Emily.

Father, how coarse are your Inventories, to have even dragon stones really he is a mysterious man, but if so…

– I’ll take it and someday, I’ll pay you back.

– Don’t worry about it.

Look at Crystal Wolf and I said:

– My proof… It’s this dragon stone.

“…I could have just taken your sword.”

It seems that the beast was confused, he felt guilty about the gift I received from my father, whom I love, whom I once lost. My feelings were incredibly strong and that person gave me a gift, it was the best gift. The Crystal Wolf could know my feelings and before I got to the point where I lost my father.

“I can’t deny your feelings, I’ll accept that evidence.”

With those words the dragon stone moved from my hands to his mouth, the Crystal Wolf began to howl in an unusual tone, the sound was similar to a chant, at the same time the dragon stone disappeared from his mouth and in the place where his horn was a new red horn appeared.

– His horn.

“My crystal horns are also a kind of magic stone, and as such I can join new stones together. If difficulties come up…. Under my oath, I will do my best, my friend.”

– Yeah, and I.

(Note: I think This part have and error, the part said ‘Yes, and You’, but it have no sense bacause I supose John want to said that he do the same.)

“Oh, I forgot. I live in the middle of the forest, in the sacred tree, come visit, I’ll introduce you to my children.”

With those words the Crystal Wolf disappeared into the depths of the forest, I mention where he lives because it would be unfair if only I gave that information.

So, we’re friends now. Wow.

– Hey, John! What is it? What’s the meaning of this?!

As for my other friend, making sure the Crystal Wolf was gone, he was finally able to breathe. As for him, I was happy, in this life I will gradually make friends and never let them die is one of my goals.