HKY – V1 Chapter 4

HKY – V1 Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: The Battle with the Monster and…


We moved to the deepest part of the forest, in each corner we could feel the presence of various beasts although we did not pay attention to them because we could finally obtain an atmosphere of trust and unity.

Well, my relationship with Ted was deeper now, I know very well that Ted didn’t try to annoy me, but it will be the opposite, even though he was still tense.

What Ted told me, I couldn’t get it out of my head. After he said, “John, you can use magic,” he added almost instantly:


– Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.


The expression on his face showed that he was serious, then Ted smiled, and added:

– Besides, I want you to teach me magic.

– Oh, well, that will be a new secret.

– All right.


I replied in surprise, I always practiced magic out of sight. A person who has an attitude to magic knows that he can use magic almost as soon as he learns to walk, but the system and in addition to advanced magic such as restoring as well as the practical use of combat magic are achieved with the knowledge gained by studying the theory and practicing it permanently or one could never use it. For that reason people with magical attitudes will always be sent to the magic university.

That’s why he always trained in secret, but apparently Ted managed to see me. I thought it would be a problem if Ted saw me, but if I think about my goal, wouldn’t improving the skills of my family and friends help humanity prosper?

From this viewpoint, teaching Ted magic was not a bad option, I know Ted didn’t break his word but, to be honest, I had the idea of going to magic university to help with the development of the technology of the future, I can’t rush into making a bad decision.

My knowledge and skills can destroy the international balance of power, it is impossible for that to happen with my power alone, but, if any country makes use of all the knowledge, that country could take control of humanity.

It is obvious that when demons attack all countries will join their knowledge to develop new technology, they don’t mind the effort of training magicians able to use magical recovery knowing that even a small group would make a small army capable of fighting a much larger one.

However, if any country succeeds in having this knowledge before the demons attack, it is certain that that country will start a war and involve humanity in another catastrophe. The demons will seize that opportunity and destroy what is left of humanity, it would be our end because there would be nobody to defend us, humans exhausted by their own war would succumb by the demonic hands.

I have to be sure who I trust with this knowledge, and Ted is a good choice. He is the head of the village children, he knows how to keep his mouth closed and besides being very loyal he is still a child. So with the help of my knowledge their magical abilities are rapidly improving.

I was thinking about the possibility of teaching Ted but I also had some concerns, the problem is his stupid subordinates, while I was sunk in my thoughts my father cried.


– Come here!


Looks like a monster is coming towards us, Ted and I are looking at each other. Ted behaved bravely, being his first time seeing a monster it would not be unusual for him to be pale and shivering but he looked very calm. Maybe he was scared, but he didn’t show it. He released the short bow that was on his back and began to look around him, I for my part drew a short sword from my lap.

Of course preparing for a battle didn’t make any sense, the only way for us to fight is if dad loses but if a monster is capable of defeating him it’s impossible for us to do anything. In my previous life I might have had a chance, but certainly not with a child’s body, at this point it was useless.

We can only trust in my father, we are waiting to see which monster will appear and fight him, knowing this we were right behind him. The earth was shaking, you could hear footsteps beyond the trees, my father was looking in the direction where the trees were falling.

We could not guess how large the creature was, but it was quite obvious that its size greatly exceeded a person. Usually a person couldn’t win against a monster, but my father, realizing something, whispered to us:


– Well, I can do it somehow.


Without bluster my father wanted to check his characteristics, his hands released a large sword that he kept on his back, he did not carry any shield, my father was a warrior specialized in using only one sword, I can feel like magic emanating from his body most of it was channeled from his hand to the sword held, he strengthened it with magic.

A magician warrior, with that name is called those who use that power, he is able to transfer magic to their weapons, they use all the potential of their bodies when they fight their enemies, magicians warriors, the name fits them perfectly.

There were a lot of people who were able to use magic together with a weapon but they did it by forging special armor or performing a ritual on the objects, they were not able to use their usual amount of magic and there were not many people who could strengthen both their weapons and their body.

Allen, my father, was one of those unique cases, which is why he was entrusted with protecting the fort on the border of the demon forest. The monster finally showed up, it was incredibly huge.

The size ranged from 6 to 7 meters, not even five adult men could reach it, on its four legs you could see that it was growing something clear as crystal, its claws resembled swords. His head was of a wolf, his jaw was full of fangs, as if it were a crown, his head was adorned with two glass horns, his beautiful white coat looked as if it was pleasant to the touch although it is capable of repelling magic, I knew what a monster it was.


– It is….

– A Crystal Wolf?


With a choked scream Ted gestured to those words.


– I never thought that in this forest I would find such a big prey, even in the demon forest it is almost impossible to find one of them. Yes, they are lucky, hahaha.


My father laughed as he looked at us, Ted’s face contracted when he heard that he was lucky enough to meet this creature. Ted didn’t consider it good luck to meet this creature, I shared the same thoughts. Thinking about escaping was not an option, it is known that the Wolf Crystal does not let a prey escape and they die anyway.

In this world there is a belief that monsters are inferior demons but in reality they are not demons and there are no bonds of friendship between them, on the contrary the probability of their being associated is very low.

During the war the Crystal Wolf fought against both sides, against men and demons, the choice to ally was their own choice. The Crystal Wolf are controversial beings, but in this case he certainly looked at us as enemies. My father, eager to fight, said quickly.


– Well… Shall we get started?


In his hand a big, shiny sword was wielded as he exchanged glances with a rabid Crystal Wolf, my father with all his might kicked the earth into the air. The magic I use in the attack had an alarming rate.


– Wow! So fast!?


Ted’s eyes were ready to come out of their orbits when he screamed, my father waved his sword at a speed beyond human sight yet failed to strike Crystal Wolf.


– Grrrrrrr.


Although he was enraged the Crystal Wolf was following every move closely, he was able to dodge the blows and recover, as for my father he was obviously surprised.


– Hey…. You’re not bad, it’s the first time a Crystal Wolf is able to escape my first attack.


We were also surprised, Crystal Wolf was able to escape a violent attack from my father. In my last life something like this never happened.

What event could have caused my father and this Crystal Wolf to meet?

My previous life and my present life are different, in this life Ted avoided me, what caused this deviation in relation to this Crystal Wolf, how will this deviation affect my new life? I learned that it is even possible to delay the war.

Until recently there were no big changes, recently I was born, a small outbreak would not change the perception of a forest but ultimately the forest would be different.

In my previous life, when my father returned, I was so excited to enter the forest that we left right after breakfast, it is possible that if in this life I had acted the same way in the end my memories would have happened, then the deviations I make play an important role in this new life.

In any case my father is fighting Crystal Wolf, his sword falls on his enemy as if it were a storm, but he is easily evaded, with such a terrible battle he causes my breathing to stop.

The Crystal Wolf, like my father, begins to strengthen his body, after several exchanges of blows, the body of the Crystal Wolf is wrapped in a strange shine, his magic body is released.

It is unusual for an animal to perform such a feat, but it is common for certain monsters. In response to their magic, the crystals they possess begin to shine, ready to use the unique magic that the Crystal Wolf possess.


– He’s getting ready to use Berserk!


He accumulates magic in his heart, the technique is known to be a Demonic Element, as it causes a dangerous explosion that destroys everything in its path, this technique had no point this magic would shorten his life and in the coming months would be in an almost defenseless state.

Berserk was a double-edged sword. That Crystal Wolf decided to use this technique represents that she considered my father to be dangerous.


– This is bad….!


My father said in a cold sweat.


– What do we do, Allen-san?

– Dad!


Ted and I were nervous, the magical force that Crystal Wolf was accumulating was simply immeasurable.


– We gotta go! John, Ted, let’s go!… No, I’ll carry you.


After leaving the fight he turned his head towards us, grabbed us by our armpits and jumped. The speed with which he ran with us was much faster than we would have been trying to escape on our own, the Crystal Wolf does not chase us, when he used frenzy we, along with a large part of the forest, were reduced to ashes. All we could do was get away as fast as we could, but….


– I will not allow you to destroy the forest.

– What?!


My father, while still running, screamed in surprise, had no time to debate my position. Being carried by my father, I could see Crystal Wolf, her magic seemed to boil and the distorted space around her crackled, they did not imagine the power of Berserk.

The berserk technique of the Crystal Wolf is capable of destroying 1000 meters around it, it is considered a magical catastrophe. I had the opportunity to see a city completely destroyed by this catastrophe. Therefore….


– If there’s any way to stop it, I have to.


I slipped out of my father’s hand, quickly headed for the Crystal Wolf. My father realized I was gone and turned around and shouted:


– Hey, John! You idiot! Come back!


But if he wanted to, it wouldn’t blow up.


Running along a path, made up of the roots of large trees, I came directly to the Crystal Wolf. In front of me was a being that would not be inferior in size to any tree, with a body full of energy and life, bright red eyes, sharp claws, bright crystals. Every place I saw was impressive.

In my previous life I faced these creatures but I never stopped being afraid of them, to be honest I wanted to scream in despair but I can’t afford to be afraid, every second counts. The Crystal Wolf is definitely a dangerous monster, he has incredible combat skills and at the same time has his last card, Berserk, an opponent that nobody wants to fight.

Why use berserk when it is dangerous for others and for oneself? In the future, the reason became clear. Standing in front of this terrible beast, I shouted:


– Crystal Wolf! Listen to me!