HKY – V1 Chapter 3

HKY – V1 Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Drop a bomb


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After the breakfast my father asked me if it was time to go into the forest. He usually wore a Mifrilla armor, he wore it when defending the fortress, but the use of this armor was only allowed when he was defending the country, so it was not possible to use it for other purposes.

There were also cases where soldiers needed money, brought their armour home and sold it, so a ban was placed on taking the equipment out of the fort.


Producing Mifrilla weapons is expensive, and merchandise made from this material is also expensive. This equipment is only given to real soldiers assigned to dangerous regions, when a soldier finishes his service the armor is worn by the next incoming soldier. Dangerous areas have their own blacksmiths and alchemists, but the number of these do not fit all the soldiers serving inside the fort.

When my father comes home he wears an armor made of enchanted monster leather, the quality obtained from monster leather is not inferior to that of iron. As promised my father took me hunting, it had been a long time since we had breakfast, I begin to wonder if everything is all right:

– Everything is as it should be – my thoughts were answered with a satisfied voice, after all my father was still a monster.


As soon as light entered the forest, one could feel danger in each part. The trees of the forest absorb the light in order to continue growing, one could get a neck ache by trying to look at how high it is. But because near the forest there are farmlands and shrubs that were cut down, it is easy to adapt and continue.

– …Allen-san, is there any monsters yet?

Of course, with us, another person came to help us exterminate them.

– No, Ted, not yet. When I tell you, you’ll have to be careful!

– But….

– First they asked me to take care of you, Gustav, your father, asked me to show you the forest as he is too busy hunting so you have to follow us cautiously through the forest.


Ted is a boy who turns 10 years old this year, his father is a famous hunter who every time he enters the forest never fails to catch any good prey. Of course his son wanted his father to train him but Gustav only hunts animals, once he managed to hunt a monster but the next time he was at a disadvantage, escaping without knowing what else to do.

Because of what happened to Gustav he asked my father to teach his son the danger of hunting monsters, my father is strong, he is too strong, he can easily lead with the monsters of the forest. Even being in charge of two kids without them leaving without a scratch, in the country, there is no one like my father, I am very proud of him. That’s why Gustav undoubtedly trusted my father to take care of his son.

The problem itself is Ted, how to say it….


– Ted, is it hard to hunt?

I asked him, to which he replied hesitantly.

– … My father says that if you can’t read the signs, it’s difficult.

She doesn’t particularly seem to want to talk to me, in my previous life, when we grew up, we always shared drinks while laughing cheerfully. I feel a little sad. Well, Ted is the leader of the village children in my past life was a very good friend.

As we walked through the forest Ted sometimes looked at me with disgust, I looked back at him only for him to remove it with greater displeasure. I showed him something I saw on my left, at least he didn’t say it wasn’t interesting. Spending a lot of time in the forest away from people is not doing much to improve our communication skills, but at least I feel some closeness.

Ted no longer hides the fact that he was looking at me and our eyes started to cross, he felt like he was looking at me like I was a monster in a cage. It’s the first time he’s seen me like that, even in the village he never saw me like that.

I was very anxious even though I knew that he wouldn’t hurt me and that my father was here, I don’t understand what he was thinking, you could tell there was something wrong with both of us, and the happiest man in the trio decided to break the ice. My father, Allen, looks at us and sighs.

– What is it with you guys? You guys wanna get to know each other?

He said that calmly.


– Hey! Father, stop it!

– Allen-san, please!


Two exclamations of anguish addressed my father. Somehow we are interested in each other but certainly not in this sense, in my case I have desires to make friends nothing more. I’m against leaving this issue unresolved, but I didn’t know what topic would be of interest to us, and it seems my father wanted to help us with that.

Ted obviously felt like me, but I didn’t want to think of a way to improve our relationship. Our current attitude was not questioned, even though we are looking at ourselves as two warriors who look at each other as enemies. My father continued to speak in the same spirit, not paying attention to the ambience, but somehow his voice dispersed the atmosphere.

– Really? Tell me, do you like any girls? Just like I love Emily.


Trying to help I mention those words, Ted and I have realized that you just said how. We realized that over time our responses may create some misunderstandings, and we responded with anger by shouting.

– Of course, there’s someone I like! I love Karen!… Huh?

We were surprised, we said exactly the same thing. Karen is a mutual childhood friend, but with the response we gave we were a little concerned. We look for the answer in our eyes, trying to understand why we end up saying it. At the same time we looked at my father, he looked at us with a smile, then we realized that my father had and planned all that.

– ha ha ha! Well, you both know your secrets…. Plus you have a common secret, that’s a great way to get a great friend!


Once that was said, my father started laughing. Speechless we listen to his words and try to understand them, we are stunned. Now I know who Ted loves, and at the same time Ted knew who I loved.

What just happened to us could lead to a mockery that would last until we die, in our village there is an average of 100 people any rumour would spread quickly, if anyone found out, everyone would know, I couldn’t allow that. Well, I could still keep some of my control, I look next to me and discover that Ted’s face is paler than mine.


Ted’s still a kid, you gotta take advantage of that weakness, there’ll be a way to negotiate. Ted looked at me, sighed, shook his head and reached out his hand with the intention of shaking it. He took his hand and shook it, it was clear proof that we joined together as prisoners, shook hands, but our eyes were still sharp.

– We have an agreement, Ted.

– Damn it…. It can’t be helped, well, is this result all right with you, John?


From his lips Ted mentioned my name, in this life is the first time that Ted says my name and is the first time that we spoke correctly. That he pronounced my name I brought back my memories of my past life, I tried to hold back my tears but they just came out.


– …Hey, John. Why are you crying? I’m sorry, I don’t understand what I did. Tell me, aren’t we friends?

Confused by my memories and Ted’s efforts to calm me down, I started to cry. Ted soon began to calm me down, he is undoubtedly the leader of the local children, he even learned to calm down quickly.

In the children’s group, when a child started to cry, they usually didn’t worry because their parents are usually elsewhere but in this case Ted couldn’t escape.

Ted cared for other children so he was often scolded, but no matter how good he was he was he was still a child so he shed tears too. But right now Ted acted faster than anyone else and diligently tried to reassure me.

Speaking of which, when he grew up, his rebellious character calmed down, most of the girls didn’t like that change, but as an adult he was a very soft person as well as popular.

– We are friends….

– Yes, we’re friends, you need to be, and you’re pretty normal before I thought you were a strange person.

While Ted was calming me down he was patting me on the back while some tears ran from him.

But I looked like a stranger, why would I look like that?


– Why did you see me as someone strange?

– Why? Well…

Not knowing what to say Ted looked at my father, my father was amused but was able to read the atmosphere. He shrugged his shoulders to show he understood and covered his ears. Although we don’t know when any monsters will be around, so father didn’t walk away from us.

For my father to feel the presence of the monsters he uses the sounds, the atmosphere, the vibrations, with his five senses, he scans the whole area, even his hidden senses remain vigilant. After confirming that my father could not hear our conversation, Ted came to my ear and whispered to me.

– John, you can use magic.

– ¡¿…?!…

With this statement, Ted sent me a bomb.