HKY – V1 Chapter 2 Part 2

HKY – V1 Chapter 2 Part 2

Chapter 2: A few peaceful days of a village of the past – Part 2


My mother had already finished putting the dishes on the table, her food is really delicious and always nutritional and the amount of foods she knows how to make is varied. My father told me that when they met her food it was deadly and that my mother didn’t like it, she tried to improve her cooking, studied several recipes, practiced with the other girls in the village, and as a result my mother had become an expert.

Now my mother is considered the local chef, she represents the people. When the town is visited by someone important, such as the tax collector, those who are receiving it are the old man of the town and my mother, the collector always finds my mother’s food as beautiful and tasty, thanks to my mother’s food the people always reduce taxes.


“Ah, right.”


Whenever I have dinner with mom. She always likes to make conversation, but the way she smiles and gestures that simple phrase seems like something good is going to happen.


“Yeah, what’s up, mother?”


“Allen… Your dad has sent a letter, he got the leave and is returning.”




Without noticing it, I put my hands on the table and jumped. My father’s return is, in many ways, good news. The last time he was at home was six months ago, we can hardly see him, this did not change at all in reference to my past life. Whenever my father came back, I couldn’t help but rejoice.

At this moment there is a possibility that I can go into the forest alone, I want to begin the practice of magic as soon as possible and to do this I need to get my father’s permission quickly, the practice of magic must be far from prying eyes.

The letter arrived today but it was sent five days ago, my father wrote that he would come home in 6 days, the possibility that it will arrive tomorrow is very high. My mother is very happy, well, her beloved husband is back, how could we not be happy, it’s nothing strange.

Usually my appetite is moderate, although with this cheerful news my appetite increased, and if we look at the kitchen we will notice that my mother made more food than usual. Did my mother prepare food for my father too? Doubtless, my mother said:


“Most likely, Allen will take you to the woods with him tomorrow. So, what would you like to eat to prepare it tomorrow?”


So that’s what it is.


When my father returns the first thing he does is go into the forest, my father usually takes someone from the village to go with him. Most of the village hunts in the forest, my father is not a hunter, so if I tried to hunt normal prey it wouldn’t do him very well, but my father has specific prey that is difficult to catch.


“I’ve been wanting to make some tasty monster meat for a while.”


My mother’s voice shows a good mood. In the vicinity one could find ordinary animals but in the distance one would find monsters, they are able to use magic. There are several species of monsters, each one can use a unique magic and if they become stronger they can even use battle magic, such as magicians, people who are not opponents and even hunters never try to provoke them, they simply prefer to get away.

When the monsters are close to the village the animals begin to flee, our village is very dependent on the forest so there are seasons where you have to hunt the monsters. Usually this task is given to the association of adventurers and knights, but in the village we have my father, every six months, in addition to his daily work my father is required to eliminate monsters in our village.

My father is informed about the number of monsters, how much they increased in the 6 months and how they affect the animals, then he develops a hunting plan. The trapped monsters are sold to merchants, half of the money goes to the village’s ark and the rest goes to our family, we also count on my father’s salary, with all that earnings my family is very prosperous.

But my mother doesn’t like to live in luxury, our house looks normal and doesn’t have a different wear and tear to the rest of the village’s houses, besides what benefits does it bring us to live in excessive luxury and provoke envy among our neighbors? In this life, I have a clearer idea of my parents’ incomes.

When I graduated and became a soldier, my mother and father, with the money saved, bought me excellent armor. On the outside it didn’t seem like anything special, but its quality was excellent and it served me until my death. The quality of my armor I knew much later.

Many years later, when my soldier skills improved I wanted to acquire better armor and went to consult a armourer. Of course I didn’t mean to sell that armor, after all that armor was a gift given by my parents, I only went because I needed a better armor, after all in all that time I had become much stronger. That armourer, with eyes full of dignity and greatness, looked me in the eye and said:


“I have no armor better than the one you wear, a better armor would be a platinum armor, but can you afford it?”


The price of platinum was so high that it was possible to build a house somewhere in the capital, it is impossible for an ordinary soldier to have that much money. Surprised I asked him if it was really such good armor, which he agreed with a serious expression.


“I’ll be very clear, I’ve never seen this job, but I can definitely say… Is it a gift from your parents? Haha… What good parents you have. At first glance you can’t see it’s excellence, you have a sword and armor made of silver and dragon scales. It seems that the creator didn’t want it to stand out, a good armor doesn’t have useless decorations, for better or for worse, although your parents asked to make that armor the one who made it was a rather obstinate man. Anyway, that’s good armor, take care of it all your life.”

Seeing an excellent armor he smiled satisfied, he stood beside his students and without saying a word they were looking at him. He doesn’t seem to be smiling much, and he is a true master of his craft. Lost in my thoughts I left the store, I said thanks to the armourer, to which he replied.


“If anything ever happens to you, bring me that sword or armor, I will give you a reasonable price for such good products, what do you say? I’ll show you other things when you come back.”


With those words he smiled at me again. I didn’t hesitate to write a letter to my mother and father who was at the fort, they gave me similar answers, answers given from different places.

We wanted to give you a great gift, to secure the life of our beloved son, we did not mention the price, because you might hesitate to use it.

I appreciate your attention, they knew that if I had any idea of the absurd price it would have made me nervous and in every battle I was afraid that the armor would be damaged, my parents knew better than anyone else that I was a very shy boy. After knowing it’s price I wore my armor in silence and never forget the extreme defensive power the armor possessed.

But in this life I can receive the invitation to attend the Magic University, I will be a magician and get out of town so I will not see that armor again, it is a little sad but that armor will not be able to serve me much. It’s not the price and I never bothered to use it, but I won’t regret not having it anymore. The next morning, with his usual aura, my father returned home and his first words were:


“Are you here, John, Emily?”


With words and an excited smile we welcome you, since my birth I cannot get used to that scene and I always start to cry.


“Welcome Allen.”


My mother gives my father a greeting for safely returning home.


Only these little things can give us happiness, how come I didn’t notice it before? The most ordinary days are the most precious days, tears always escape when I remember the happiness of my past life, it is the beautiful daily life of people. I could only understand it when I lost my daily days.


When my father returned, my mother immediately began to put her maximum effort into the kitchen. I’ll be concise, it’s amazing how a woman in love behaves, they’re like a couple who, after having a violent quarrel, get back together with the difference they never discussed.

They have always been in good terms for more than 5 years, they understand each other in everything, they have such an understanding that it can be reflected in their soul, they always talk about varied topics giving their different points of view. I don’t know how old they are in marriage, but it’s almost five years since I was born.

I saw around them a cloying ambience, too cloying for a meal, by scenes like this I thought several times about getting married. In that life it was a very good idea, even if I never married, I would have liked to.


“Say ‘A’.”

“Hey, John, take care of…”

“Mom and Dad look great together, right, John?”

“Oh, yeah… Sure.”


Well, I also had other unpleasant memories. In my previous life, before the war began, in the middle of the camp there was always an orgy, each one with their respective couple and that was heavy for me psychologically.


Our deputy commander lost his girlfriend who was also a magician, those two had been friends for a long time, just before the arrival at the castle of the demon Lord she was killed, he could only say words full of reproach.


“Come on, say ‘A’.”



Sitting and smiling in front of me was my father and my mother with a spoon in her hand offering him the food. Seeing that scene again, I sighed, I wouldn’t allow new tragedies to happen again.