HKY – V1 Chapter 1

HKY – V1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Like a Dream


Hi, jevo here, because maybe someone don’t know about this, my translation of this novel is the translation of the lightnovel from spanish to english, currently I’ve only the Volume 1 Completed and the Volume 2 to chapter 18, after this chapter, I don’t know if translator will continue with the translation of the novel, but I’ve planned to translate to chapter 18 of this volume, and if he continue with the translation, I do the same.

How long has it been since that day?

-John? What is this?

A surprise face appears in front of me. Well, a pretended surprise face. He smiles gently at me, that face I haven’t seen since the beginning of the war, my mother’s face. I remember my mother as a woman who was a bit heavier but before that she was a pretty thin woman. She always said she was a beauty in her youth! My mother told me all about it, of course I didn’t pay attention to her words.

I’ve heard that she was the youngest daughter of a rich merchant who trades in the capital so it’s very possible but with time change, that idea makes me difficult to breathe.

– ¿…?… And now he mimics a sad expression…? Well, that’s all right. It’s time for lunch.

Having said this, she undressed her breasts.

And why did she have to show me that? Obviously.

– Aguuu…

Because I’m a baby.


♦ ♦ ♦


I discovered this as soon as I woke up. My body felt uncomfortable… I couldn’t move my neck and my hands and legs had almost no strength… I thought it was a consequence of the wounds inflicted. Able to move only the eyes I saw people running, I thought I was in the hospital and I thought I was one of the patients.

At the end of the war, all institutions suffered a lack of financial support and qualified staff, so their work was carried out under extreme conditions. There was no free time for the seriously wounded, the only thing that could be done was to reduce the suffering in the place where they fell, and they received the same treatment as the ordinary wounded. Therefore, having lost consciousness, I thought that my destiny was already decided but the Demon Lord was defeated by the hero so that such treatment was also unnecessary.

On the other hand humanity has suffered enormous damage, many men fit for military service died while waiting to be attended. The number of people declined, thereby reducing economic opportunities. So even if the probability of recovery was small, it was important to save as many lives as possible, since even the life of an ordinary person like me was important for the entire country.

We, the coalition of states fighting against the Demon Lord, went to their castle, and we took a lot of expensive medicines and weapons from them. At the end the final battle took place, which would end the war. We had the disposition and knew that, in the case of loss, humanity would come to its end. It wasn’t important to us that our efforts should be recognized in legends for us was important winning, we wasted every item to the least inconvenient, what is the point of keeping them? if we lose, everything would come to an end. Demons, like us, were on the limit.

In general it seems to me the medicine used in me was some high quality potion that was developed in peacetime, but if the war came to an end, ordinary soldiers would be the foundation for renewing mankind’s economy. So all this wasn’t unusual, and I’d been thinking like that for several days.

But I soon realized that I was totally wrong. That’s when a girl said to me,”It’s time to eat,” and with indifference she lifted me up. Was my body that easy to handle? As soon as I asked myself that question, a lot of things started to worry me.

The girl in front of me felt very familiar… I felt as if I looked at myself in a mirror… I felt that we had something in common, maybe the same eyes. No, if she were older would she be similar to my mother, and didn’t this room feel familiar enough? It sure wasn’t a hospital, didn’t it look like my recently decorated house?

But this, I couldn’t understand the situation. The girl in front of me looked like me and my mother but she’s too young, and the room was like the one I had at home but there were no scratches caused by the time. As I lived through this my brain was persistently trying to escape from reality by saying it was impossible, yet I heard someone approaching the room.

These steps feel heavy, most likely belong to a man. Someone came in, opened the door and approached. I was thinking, who is he?, and I looked at the entrance. Then I realized.


This… This is definitely my house.

-Oh, so this is John? Emily, I want to give him a hug!


That’s what that man said, whom I looked at and, saying “John”, I certainly remembered this man. I remembered the face of this man, this person awakens my memories. It’s my father, he died at the beginning of the war… He’s nothing but Allen Serious.


-Oh, Allen, you’re early.


My mother talked to my father with a smile. A lost image, that happiness that should never have come back. I couldn’t hold back the tears.


– Uhh….!

– Hey! He saw me and started crying!

-Your face is frightening… It’s the same as a bear.

– Eh! But I’m his father!

-Yes, you are his father. But you don’t stop looking like a bear, you’re frightening.

– Come on…

– ji, ji. Come on, John, don’t cry. He’s your father.

– Exactly! How I knew you was born. I went out fast and I hurried home! So don’t cry, you better give me a smile!


They give me a lot of warmth and attention. The more they reassure me, the more I cried… At this point I just couldn’t help it. A lost image was in front of me, I felt that this was a miracle. I tried to look at my hand, it was a stuffed hand. It doesn’t look like a hand full of blisters, with blood, resulting from holding a sword, they were soft as if it were a little marshmallow hand.

My mother patted me and my father spoke to me as if I was made of glass, my mother’s hand was soft and my father’s hand was rough. My father spent most of his life defending the nation’s frontier fortress in the Demon Forest. He was a hardworking man and no doubt a talented swordsman, so I followed his example and became a soldier.

Did I manage to catch up with you? Am I opening myself up to become a man I’d be proud of?


– Aguu….


As much as I tried to say those words I can only make those sounds, I can’t do anything. After all… I’m just a newborn child.

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